In the Geopark area there are interesting and difficulty-differentiated ropes courses for children and adults. Ropes course for adults includes 3 levels of difficulty and during the making the route one should overcome 37 obstacles that often turns out to be the lay of the land. The ropes course for children contains 2 levels of difficulty with 12 obstacles, the overcoming of which will certainly please the youngest and maybe even evoke interesting hobbies.

LARGE LINES PARK (price includes harness hire and instructor service):

Number of levelsRegular ticketsReduced tickets*
1 level30 zł25 zł
2 levels45 zł37 zł
3 levels60 zł50 zł

* Reduced price applies to children and young people learning and pensioners

Possibility to go park, child with instructor – 50 zł


Number of levelsChildren
1 level25 zł