Two high outdoor artificial climbing walls (17m and 12m) with different levels of difficulty that are so beautifully placed that make an impression of being natural. They bowl more than one over! What about trying to climb? It is a wonderful opportunity to verify out athleticism and at the same time a chance to fight our weaknesses such as fear of height or space. Experienced instructors can train, afford professional equipment and certainly encourage choosing the more difficult ways. At the climbing wall one can climb with lower or upper belaying. The difficulty is adapted for the amateurs as well as professional climbers.

WALKING WALLS (price for hiring harness and instructor support):

Normal ticketReduced ticket *
With insurance (1 pass)self-insurancewith insurance (1 pass)self-insurance
46 zł20 zł40 zł15 zł

* Reduced price applies to children and young people learning and pensioners