Welcome to the Geo-Park Glinka in Ujsoły


In the Geopark area there are two bodies of water that are watched over by qualified lifeguards, who take care about the safety of quests who use the pools. The bigger swimming pool is 110m long and 30m wide and its depth equals 0,3m. Since lack of such sites in the neighborhood, the swimming pools are very popular among the visitors and during the hot days they offer reprieve. Additionally the bath in the surrounding of rocks, which is the quarry leftover, as well as the proximity of the forest and the sounds of nature enable complete relaxation.


BATHROOM (price for day care of a lifeguard):

Number of days Regular ticket Reduced price*
1 dzień 15 zł 9 zł

 UWAGA! Od godz. 17:00-20:00 Cena biletu na basen 10 zł zwykły i 5 zł ulgowy.


Possibility to buy a carnet for more than 7 days:

Number of days Regular ticket Reduced price*
1 dzień 10 zł 7 zł

* Reduced price applies to children and young people learning and pensioners

 Admission free to the swimming pool for children up to 6 years!




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